About Foxx Falcon

Foxx Falcon, like you, is a very special person. This site is made up of many fragments of his writing in process — stories, essays, poems, songs, ideas, passions and other ramblings. Most of what you’ll read here is completely unpolished work, some of which may later be fleshed out, revised and turned into coherent pieces for publication. Feel free to enjoy the sloppy madness along the way and provide feedback.

Foxx can be equal parts irreverant and spiritual, humble and self-righteous, simple and complex. A person of sometimes self-contradictory extremes, Foxx Falcon has learned the hard way that identifying too closely with one’s activities in life can invite prideful limitations. Labels can rob us and the world of the joy and contributions we are all capable of making. So for today, Foxx isn’t trying to be a writer, philosopher, teacher, musician, theologian, businessman, leader or religionist. He chooses to define himself only as a human spirit, created in the image of — and inherently part of — the unified, all-powerful Oneness he chooses to call G_d. In other words, he’s a screwed up guy doing his best and writing whatever comes to mind along the way!!!

Through these unfinished writing fragments, you are invited to look at things a little differently, perhaps learning something along the way — about the world, about spirituality, maybe even about yourself. Foxx’s wide range of interests spring from his untreated scatter-brainedness — some call it A.D.D.  Foxx Falcon would be delighted if you decide to use this site to look, listen, smell, taste and feel the world in a new way — using his honest, intuitive and refreshing perspective — as a guide. Enjoy, and be in touch.

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