A December 21st Poem

for My Dear Brother Eddie

My brother’s fifty-two.
So here’s a little rhyme.
His birthday’s ten days past.
But today’s even more sublime.

For if there’s any little thing.
To give his aging engines charge.
It’s a palindrome of numbers.
On calendar writ large.

Now what’s a vice prez wannabe…
…have to do with Ed? you ask.
No, no! Not that Palin,silly.
He’s in Cleveland, not Alask.

No, we’re talking about a word.
Line, sentence, number or verse.
That means the very self same thing.
Read forward or in reverse.

From earliest memory ’till present.
My big brother’s shown me the path.
To seeing funny patterns in things.
And playing games with math.

I remember when he showed me at 8.
That numbers sometimes lie.
Hey, Eddie himself would be a palindrome.
But for that pesky little “i”.

And so in 09′s final days.
With his birthday past by 10.
And my own recent birthay.
A multiple of ee-lev-EN.

I give this gift of poem.
To my beloved mother’s son.
I wish him a happy birthday.
But even more, a happy twelve twenty-one!!!

© All material Copyright 2009 by Foxx Falcon